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Debunking the 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America

It’s the New “Big Lie”

According the New York Times’s “1619 Project,” America was not founded in 1776, with a declaration of freedom and independence, but in 1619 with the introduction of African slavery into the New World. Ever since then, the “1619 Project” argues, American history has been one long sordid tale of systemic racism.

Celebrated historians have debunked this, more than two hundred years of American literature disproves it, parents know it to be false, and yet it is being promoted across America as an integral part of grade school curricula and unquestionable orthodoxy on college campuses.

The “1619 Project” is not just bad history, it is a danger to our national life, replacing the idea, goal, and reality of American unity with race-based obsessions that we have seen play out in violence, riots, and the destruction of American monuments—not to mention the wholesale rewriting of America’s historical and cultural past.

In her new book, Debunking the 1619 Project, scholar Mary Grabar, shows, in dramatic fashion, just how full of flat-out lies, distortions, and noxious propaganda the “1619 Project” really is. It is essential reading for every concerned parent, citizen, school board member, and policymaker.

  • Christopher Mayer says:

    How about a point by point FACTUAL/sourced rebuttal to 1619?
    NO rhetoric….only FACTS?
    THEIR point, and the PROOF that it’s a LIE…

    A LIST that people can print, and leave on the podium, for people to read (in series) to school board meetings……reading till their time runs out…till it’s completed….
    Because NOBODY is going to hear the TRUTH unless they hear it THERE, or on Newsmax/fox.

    • Russell Lee says:

      Regardless of 1619, the naked facts of slavery are:
      1) Every plantation owner was a Democrat.
      2) Every slave owner was a Democrat.
      3) After the Civil War, the KKK was organized by a Democrat.
      4) Jim Crow laws were legislated and enforced by Democrats.
      5) The Civil Rights Act for blacks was opposed by Democrats.
      6) Larry Elder, a black running for CA governor, is attacked and maligned by Democrats.

      1) It was Democrats who left Americans behind in Afghanistan.
      2) It was Democrats who surrendered to the enemy and armed them with modern weapons while trying to disarm their own citizens.
      3) It is Democrats who identified the unvaccinated as terrorists when the only ones at risk are the unvaccinated.
      4) It is Democrats who identified MAGA supporters as “The American Taliban” when their own “black shirts” were burning, looting and destroying cities.
      5) It is Democrats who censored Americans’ free speech.
      6) It is Democrats who murder babies while claiming it’s their bodies while denying the unvaccinated the right to choose what happens to their bodies.
      7) It is the Democrats who seek friendship with the Taliban and Communist China because they all share a hatred of America the Beautiful and Christianity.

      This is all historical fact. Refute the impossible if you think it’s wrong.

  • NavyBlueSmoke says:

    We are in a continuing battle against the forces of evil directed by Lucifer. The slaves of sin that serve Lucifer have great projects that hope to make a situation where the evil lies of the evil one might possibly become true. They are self deceived just as Lucifer tries to deceive himself into believing it was a wise & intelligent decision to become a traitor to Heaven & all that is Holy. We whom align with The Christ are in a place of victory & we will keep winning as our victory was achieved when Jesus The Christ Defeated Death ……….. the ” Intelligent Ones ” are not so intelligent ; are they ? ? Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195 . NAC # 1274

  • JANE says:

    #1: the slaves who arrived in Jamestown in 1619 WERE INDENTURED SERVANTS WHICH MEANS THEY SIGNED A CONTRACT TO COME HERE “AS SLAVES”!!!! These fools need to learn their history: don’t believe this? LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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