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A Lot of Health Care Workers Are Refusing to Get the COVID Vaccine…The Reasons Are Not Shocking.

We’ve heard it’s the Republicans who are at fault for the return of the mask mandates and the spreading of the Delta variant. Well, liberals are saying that of course. It’s conservative media that’s fanning the flames. There’s more nuance to this problem and you all know. The least of it is not being that vaccinations have always been a sensitive topic in America. When it comes to kids, it’s even more intense. There’s also the aspect that a lot of people don’t like being told what to do and there is a limit in telling what adults can and cannot do in some areas. It’s a fact of life. Forty percent of New York City public school employees are unvaccinated. I doubt these are voracious readers of conservative media.

And now, the Left’s snobbery and incessant need to coerce people with whom they disagree is about to crash into the wall. Why? Well, are health care workers part of this supposedly unlearned pro-Trump cult? I ask because a significant number of them are not vaccinated. About a quarter of health care workers in the US have not received the COVID vaccine and don’t plan to any time soon.

NBC News sat down with some nurses and a respiratory therapist about why they’re hesitant. They have questions. They’re worried about the long-term effects and shocker—they don’t really trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Who could blame them? With the experts’ inability to give science-based advice, you can see why a lot of folks are waiting. The recent memo circulating around the CDC was rejected by peer review, so we’re reminded once again that the CDC is not God. They’re flawed. They’re not oracles. And the consistent f-ups warrant all of us to mute them when they go on television.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    I got the vaccine because I was at high risk, I’m a Diabetic and overweight also I got the Phizer two-dose shot and I’m feeling just fine and doing very well for a 77-year-old person.

    I don’t blame nurses and doctors if they don’t vaccinate, yes these vaccines may not be for all people it does seem that lots of people are dying from the covid-19 vaccines just maybe a very good health check by your doctor should screen you to see if there are any underlying health issues.

    My son works in a major hospital they have been getting lots of patients coming in some are dying and some are not those that are dying do have comprised health issues.

  • Brontefan says:

    A very close friend, with diabetes & overweight, got the shot, but he takes the basic Flu shot every year. I don’t. I was bullied into taking one over a decade ago, and I was ill all winter… off & on with flu symptoms and didn’t snap out of the pattern (on again/off again) until my dental surgeon prescribed a Z-Pack. I vowed to never take another flu shot. I shouldn’t be forced or targeted, which is what the LEFT is doing. And once the federal govt offered money for Covid deaths… the numbers miraculously began to fly high! As if we could trust our federal govt with the massive crimes of the Deep State & corrupt FBI, DOJ, EPA, NSA, etc. ??

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