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BREAKING: Bodycam Footage Released From Fatal Minneapolis Shooting

The Minneapolis police have released the body-cam footage belonging to the police officer who shot shot and killed shooting victim Daunte Wright.

Wright was killed after being stopped by police officers for expired tags.

In the recently released footage, the female officer shouted “taser, taser” after Wright jumped back into his car to drive off as officers tried arresting him.

The officer was holding a hand-gun instead of the taser.

“Oh sh–t,” the officer said as Wright drove off. “I just shot him!”


Check out what the New York Post reported:

The black man who died during a traffic stop in Minnesota was fatally shot by an officer who mistook her gun for a Taser, officials said Monday, as they played body camera footage from the incident for the first time.

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said Daunte Wright died as a result of “an accidental discharge” by the officer, adding that the cop has been placed on administrative leave.

Bodycam footage of the incident played during a press conference showed Wright stepping out of his car, then leaping back in and driving off.

“Oh sh–t,” the officer is heard saying on the video. “I just shot him!”

Gannon said he was unaware whether a weapon was found in Wright’s car.

“It appeared to me in the video that the individual was trying to get back into his car to leave,” Gannon said.

The police briefing came as city business owners were still cleaning up after a new round of looting and clashes between protestors and police over Wright’s shooting in the fractured Minnesota community.

  • WapitiHunter says:

    Resisting arrest, running from the law plus priors and a commission of crimes and known to have possessed a weapon. Oh, he’s such a good boy, Bullcrap. Police can’t protect themselves. Do they have to be shot before they can act? So let him go and what’s going to happen next time. The guy is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.
    Peaceful protests are one thing but routing is something else. That is a criminal act and should be dealt with with the force necessary to stop it. Start shooting and that will end it. Why do we keep rolling over to the crybabies? When we do, it just gets worse.
    It an unintended discharge of a firearm no accidental discharge. She meant to pull the trigger. What she meant to pull the trigger on seems to be the issue. Either way, I see no criminal intent on her part.

  • Stephanie says:

    So sad, as police are stressed to the max. They no longer know how to respond since in most cases, riots are considered peaceful marches. Yes, they need training, but this training needs to be presented by qualified, skilled people not the government that wants to make their point clear. Funny though, the cop that shot the woman protestor at the capital for just trying to enter the building liked others had – they won’t even release his name (she was a white female). She had no weapon, millions of people through live TV witnessed her being shot in cold blood but that’s OK – it wasn’t a march/riot that the dems supported. Tragedy in America today. And these people, government elected officials choose what riots are considered peaceful protests even though buildings are burned, people killed, police injured, destruction of cities, and what marches are called insurrections (even thought the only person actually killed by a gun was an unarmed woman). Three died from “natural” causes and it has been questionable how the office died (possible bear spray). Have you ever heard from a dem that neither they nor Soros is behind these riots, but how are the funded then??

  • pablo says:

    Shit happends, but in first place: why would one try to escape while arresting????? this is a Darwin’s price he got ;)))

  • russell remmert says:

    this still makes me mad this alleged officer needs to be tried

    • Gram says:

      If the guy with an illegal gun, who skipped out on a court appearance, now fighting with cops trying to enforce a bench warrant and fleeing over arrest for an illegal weapon was headed for your community would you want cops to just let him go? We constantly hear about people being arrested for murders and then learn they’ve already committed gun crimes. Regardless what is found in this case, releasing violent people to our communities has got to stop.

  • Linda Abernathy says:

    He was shot unintentionally but even so he jumped back in the car to take off before being shot even though it was accidental, but; was he thinking about the police standing in harms way? Nope! They had his tag number so why did he flee? Again I must emphasize: Do not resist, surrender weapon, obey and you will go home to see another day! How many times does this need to be said?

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