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Watch: Pelosi Breaks Her Own Mask Mandate After Threatening To Arrest Republicans

Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi threatened to arrest violators of her extreme new mask mandate. Pelosi immediately fell in line with the colossal flip from the CDC this week after they said masks should be forced regardless of vaccination status.

On Friday, she violated her own mask mandate in order to take a photo. No masks, no social distancing. Should Nancy Pelosi be arrested immediately? Watch her violation below:

Democrats have been on a tyrannical tear lately. They have ramped up their hateful rhetoric for un-vaxxed Americans at an unprecedented pace.

Fredo Cuomo said unvaccinated Americans are “ignorant, arrogant”:

Biden joined in on the fun, saying “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not as smart as I thought you were”:

Newsom added that the unvaccinated are worse than “drunk drivers”:

  • Paul Otts says:

    She should have been arrested long ago for impersonating a human being.

  • David says:

    Do you have balls to not wear a mask Biden if you were vaccinated? You don’t, because your balls are hidden in your mouth. Why do you tell everyone they are not too smart if they don’t take the vaccine, when you know the vaccine has no guarantee to protect you. In fact, it is not even a real vaccine. They do not give you parts of the COVID in the vaccine like they generally do in influenza vaccines. They are giving you an experimental drug and there has been numerous side effects and permanent damage done and death to more people in 6 months than there ever has been since 1994 with other vaccines. If you come to my home and try to force me to take it I will stick the needle up your ass and get my AR-15 assault rifle out and chase you the hell off my property. Now commies on my property. If I see your son Hunter who only hunts whores and crack for a living, I will stick his head in a toilet. Biden. You do not represent the real America. I wouldn’t even have sex with Kamala Whoreass if you paid because I only make love to women who have dignity and good moral character. Piglosi, somebody please put this bitching witch out of her misery.

  • Chainsaw says:

    By her, and her buddies, breaking the “rules”, only shows that this whole “pandemic” is one huge HOAX.

  • Gerald D Cline Jr says:

    Typical Democrats rules for thee, not for me….

  • James Rentschler says:

    Disgusting fraud!

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