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China Tests New Hypersonic Nuclear-Capable Missile That Circled Entire Globe at Low-Orbit

China launched a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile that circled the entire globe at low-orbit in August, the Financial Times reported.

US Intelligence and US Military officials were left stunned.

“We have no idea how they did this,” a source told the Financial Times.

According to the report, the missile missed its target by about 24 miles and caught US intel by surprise.

Earlier this year, a satellite image showed China had expanded its nuclear missile silo field.

“Identified via satellite imagery, the new missile base in China’s Xinjiang region may eventually include 110 silos, said the report released Monday by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). It is the second apparent silo field uncovered this month by researchers, adding to 120 silos that appear to be under construction in the neighboring province of Gansu, as detailed by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.” CNN reported in July shortly before the hypersonic nuclear-capable missile was launched.

Meanwhile the woke US Military is busy purging unvaccinated service members and focusing on “white rage.”

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Wheres our Intel on this & can we compete?
    Do we have our own Hypersonic missile or missiles

  • lgalmari says:


    They’re not ‘stunned’ – trust me! They are well aware the Obama Administration gave them all the intelligence we had regarding cyber-technology and weapons technology, (read: TOP SECRET files). It was done w/ the blessing of not only U.S. Intelligence Agencies, but also the military. Obama initiated a sell-off of America to China, (example: the entire Long Beach shipping docks are now owned by China, along w/ hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land and U.S. property), and now this ILLIGITIMATE ‘Administration’ is ‘sealing the deal’. North Korea has ALWAYS been China’s ‘nigger’, and has ALWAYS done whatever China asks.

  • Chazoo says:

    So we have about 50 intelligence agencies and the Chinese gave us a big surprise?? Nice going, Woke intelligence agencies – you get “Build Back Better” tshirts for your prizes. What a sad joke.

  • BWMAGA says:

    Isn’t it just great how far China has progressed from their rice paddy days?? All thanks to our genius leaders and their visionary policies! I’m sure the CCP is nothing but appreciative and beholding to the US! The idea of kicking our a$$e$$ hasn’t crossed their minds!

  • JimE says:

    Tit for tap………time to make a plea to Congress for more money for the IMC.

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