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Fauci’s NIAID Used Taxpayer Money for Dogs to Be ‘Eaten Alive’ in Cruel Experiment

Not many things tug at our heartstrings more than man’s best friend.

But sometimes, man doesn’t uphold his end of the friendship bargain. Sometimes, he even chooses to inflict pain.

You’ve heard of campaigns against animal testing and experimentation. Maybe you’ve even advocated against these practices at some point — but you’ll be stunned to learn you’ve been bankrolling cruel animal experiments all along.

You’d think Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top medical scientist, would share ethical concerns about taxpayer-funded animal cruelty.

But that’s clearly not the case.

According to The Federalist, Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases sent part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia so scientists could perform “cruel experiments on beagles.”

The nonpartisan watchdog group the White Coat Waste Project released a shocking report detailing the mistreatment of the beagles abused in the “study,” according to the outlet.

Experimenters drugged the dogs and “[locked] their heads in mesh cages filled with hundreds of infected sand flies.”

They starved the flies beforehand to make them hungry and isolated the beagles in the cages for nine consecutive nights, “using them as bait to attract infectious sand flies.”

In the WCWP’s words, the dogs were “eaten alive.”

To an animal lover (and rational person) like myself, “unbelievable” does not even begin to describe this abuse.

It’s heartbreaking, unethical and sickening.

And to make matters worse, this is being funded with your tax dollars, without your consent.

The experiments in Tunisia aren’t the only beagle “research” the NIAID has funded.

The agency also spent a whopping $424,455 to fund experiments at the University of Georgia that infected beagles with parasite-carrying flies.

The dogs reportedly “vocalized in pain” during the experiments.

Sadly, they were scheduled to be euthanized in June.

Who could do something like this to innocent dogs? Who could allow this to happen? Anthony Fauci, America’s health and wellness czar, apparently.

Better yet, who has the authority to put an end to it?

According to the Post Millennial, 14 Republican representatives wrote a letter in July to National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins — who oversees the NIAID — demanding to know why the agency had been using taxpayer funds for such “research.”

The letter reiterated a claim we famously heard during a heated exchange between Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Fauci in July — that the NIAID had funded “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the lab where many people speculate the coronavirus originated.

Americans deserve to know where their money is going. They deserve the chance to say “no” and demand an end to this despicable experimentation.

I, for one, am determined to defend the defenseless — animal or human — and I hope others are committed to doing the same.

  • Linda Berton says:

    Defund all Fauci projects NOW! Fauci is a FRAUD!!

  • Susan Satava says:

    And of course the experiments conducted in Tunis were offshore and not subject to American regulations on scientific research (i.e., no institutional research board covering international testing)? And were his experiments at the University of Georgia approved by their board?

    Do not let this man get within a football field of any pet. His word is garbage.

  • Randie says:

    I have never heard of anything so nauseating in my life. Dr. Fauci is despicable as well as a fraud making money off the jabs he wants everybody to take.

  • Elaine says:

    Well, “Dr.” Fauci (or is it Dr. Mengele? … or Dr. Moreau? … they all run together) has also done experiments in which the scalps of aborted fetuses were grafted onto live mice and rats. This MONSTER should be removed from his position and put into prison!! The American people should demand that he return EVERY PENNY of that $425,000 per YEAR he has been paid to lie to us about Covid!!!

  • Jeanne Miller says:

    Unbelievable,unless of course,you’re a Demoncrap ! Stop the Fauchi reign !!!!

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