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Biden’s DOJ Refused To Arrest Man Who Threatened To Kill Matt Gaetz And Traveled To D.C., Gaetz Claims

Joe Biden has spent 9 months calling Trump supporters “terrorists” for simply protesting the Capital on January 6th.

However, when one of his own supporters travels across the country to actually murder a sitting House Representative, Biden’s response is “meh”.

Yes, the Biden Department of Justice refused to arrest a man who traveled to Washington D.C. with the intent on killing Gaetz. In response, the Florida rep went off.

“I thank the gentleman for yielding because I think someone may be trying to kill me. And if they are successful, I would like my constituents and my family to know who stopped their arrest,” Gaetz began.

“Madam Speaker, on October 8, 2021, a Twitter handle, styled, CIA Bob is at your door, tweeted to @RepMattGaetz, ‘Looky here, pal. I lived in Portland. Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract. Have a good day.’ Following this tweet, this individual traveled to Washington, D.C., and the Capitol Police recommended his arrest.”

“That’s information that was just shared with me by the investigations and threat assessment section of the Protective Services Bureau, and specifically, George [last name], and George shared with me that the Capitol Police recommended the arrest of this individual and that the Department of Justice refused to do so, declined to do so,” he continued.

“And on the eve of the Attorney General testifying before the Judiciary Committee tomorrow, it is just yet another example of the Department of Justice having a double standard.”

“If my name weren’t Gaetz, if it were Omar or Tlaib, you bet this person would have been arrested because that’s what the Capitol Police recommended. But the Department of Justice doesn’t seem to care so much when it’s Republicans,” he added, pointing to the clear double standard.

Watch below:

  • Pattie Kelly says:

    Truer words were never spoken. There is and always will be a two tier law and order system in America. With democraps saying “rules for thee but not for me”. God Speed Matt Gates.

  • JACK SCARPON says:


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