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Mike Lindell Offers $5 Million Reward to Any Cyber Expert Who Can Prove His Voter Fraud Data Invalid

My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell announced on Wednesday he was offering $5 million to any “cyber guys” who can prove the election data he’ll present at his upcoming “cyber symposium” is not valid.

Lindell appeared on the War Room podcast and said that he’s offering $5 million to any “cyber guy” who shows up at his symposium and demonstrates that the data doesn’t actually prove Donald Trump won the election.

You must be signed up and attending the event to collect the prize money.

Here is the flier to the event on August 10-12.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Radical idea Hoorah Yes

  • Robert Waltrip says:

    Aside from Lindell’s 5 Million redundant Fox News mind torturing MY PILLOW ads and wanting to punch a hole through my T.V. set, sounds great! IF it’s not just another publicity stunt to sell more of his overly priced foam in a sack.

    Ironically, it’s even more annoying congressional republicans weren’t as loyal and dedicated from the beginning.

  • Michael McCallion Sr. says:

    ____This is one of the now unconsciousbly comments which is unacceptable in the current meme of acceptable words allowed. Aristotle understood a necessity to not upset the ‘ mob pressure ‘ inherent with the nature of the Homo sapiens. __ Such is why the wisdom shines throughout the “WE THE PEOPLE..” United States Constitution & Amendments.__ True democracy of One -man – such as in Greece’s failure – is the best example to use as the neccesity of an _ s-elected _ individual to represent the -neighbourhood. __A republic approach of gain-say in a public forum has evolved from another ‘small’ population, somewhat isolated from the ‘larger’ as being an Island onto itself. __ The first stage of – setting aside the self proclaimed – Divine right of Kings – generational direction of power was proclaimed & documented in the Magna Charta when power of force by the Barons ‘deposed’ King John. __ The power of the Elite Class was set aside through the evolution of the Parliament system including the ‘Great Revolution’ and establishment of the – Common Denominator – as having a ‘dog in the fight’ to establish common decency: more frequently available in the locality of civil -i – zation, where harm normally occurs.
    ___ Nature is by design or evolution [ if you will ] operates on automatic self survival approachof ‘Living’! __ Ths not the present example of an evolution towards gentleness. __ The “Predator & Prey” approach of protein gathering is the process: regardless of form, Animal or Vegetation. and requires a planned approach to counter the automatic self survival response. __ Such is the necessity of a Civil attitude to ‘ Life ‘ __ The alternative is ‘ nature’s brute force ‘ of overcoming any and all impediments to maintaining ‘ Life ‘. ____
    ___ The ‘Great Experiment’ is exactly that ! __ The development of a process by the evolution of verbal & literate sentient Homo sapiens Sapiens is exactly That ! __Civilization* __ Unfortunaly the “Great Experiment” is under attack by ‘Brute Force’ once again. __ Both from outside the ‘Civilization Effort’ underway in North America; and the _ Human Nature manifestation of brute force by the uncivilized insiders Claiming Security & Sustance of the “Great Experiment” -whith in the state of Civilization present when THEY – were being there – as a thrust of ‘brute force’ began the step by step erosion of Civil – i – nation began. __ The Collective Alternative to __Humanity of Individual Responsibilities & Rights __ absolutely present at all times and availabile to being infiltrated through bribery and domination of blackmail; will move beyond their inadequatcy to gather Brute Force power even to the demise of civilization: & “Great Experiment “____ The individual States of the Union aware s-elected Representative have _ grabbed the Baton of Responsibility as They Promised & Swore an Oath of Honour. ___ It is now necessary to move with the Nature inherently part of self-survival. __ The Glib-Grifters in the dishonourable Federal Governments of North America must be held Accountable to Their malfeasance. Mike Sr.__
    __ * [ Civilization – 1/. a civilized condition; an advance stage of social and political organization;; 2/.the nations and people thought of as having reached an advanced stage of social and political organization;; 3/. civilizing or being civilized ;; 4/. the total culture of a nation or people at a given time.__
    ___Gage Canadian Dictionary

  • Pattie Kelly says:

    Like the say goes “put your money where your mouth is’. Anyone that wants to prove Mike wrong have at it.

  • Taterrr says:

    Awesome Mr Lyndell. This will cull out the Vermon. They will totally flip out. Were behind you guys all the way.

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