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NO SURPRISE: Facebook’s Trump-Banning Oversight Board Is Virtually All Far-Left, Soros-Funded Activists.

The Facebook Oversight Board’s recent decision to make Donald Trump’s ban from the platform permanent should come as no surprise: the body is overwhelmingly comprised of left-wing, “Never Trump” activists and individuals on the payroll of George Soros.

Facebook describes the board as wielding “judgment over some of the most difficult and significant content decisions” and has the power to overrule the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Among its members are six individuals linked to organizations that are heavily funded by the progressive megadonor George Soros, former aides to Kamala Harris, and Obama administration alumni. And beyond retaining anti-Trump institutional affiliations, many board members have harshly criticized the former president.

Comments previously unearthed by The National Pulse in June of 2020 highlight the board’s explicit anti-Trump bias:

Nighat Dad: God forbid if Trump becomes the president, this will be my last visit to US #TrumpWantsTheWall #Debate
Nicolas Suzor: I love this! “Teen Vogue vs Trump; American Vogue vs Hitler”
Tawakkol Karman: “Unfortunately I don’t trust Trump because I generally don’t trust racist people.

“Today, the Oversight Board upheld Facebook’s suspension of former US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. As we stated in January, we believe our decision was necessary and right, and we’re pleased the board has recognized that the unprecedented circumstances justified the exceptional measure we took,” commented Facebook on the board’s most recent exercise of its power.

  • Mary Krollzik says:

    George Soros should be jailed for life and his money given to fix the Country

  • FedUp Texan says:

    F FarceCrook and Mark Suck-A-Turd too.

  • Gerald D Cline Jr says:

    Facebook’s Trump-Banning Oversight Board Is Virtually All Far-Left, Soros-Funded Activists.

    What…? I’m shocked…NOT…!?!?!

  • Myles says:

    “Trump is a racist.” People who say that obviously can’t think for themselves, have no idea what they are talking about, and enjoy flinging that insult at folks they don’t like. In other words, they’re the perfect little leftist, and George Soros wants YOU!

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Quit Facebook years ago.
    Rigged day 1
    No one wins
    Make into a Utility & Bust up
    Alas Big Tech & Govt merge to SPY on US?

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