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Nurse Whistleblower Debunks Leftist Lie That Hospitals Are ‘Out of Beds’ Because of Unvaccinated Patients

A former nurse who was reportedly fired after his religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement was rejected has shed some rather harsh light on hysterical claims that ICU beds are at capacity because of all the sick unvaccinated people.

Speaking with LifeSiteNews, Brad McDowell, who was employed as an emergency room nurse at Valley Health Systems in Winchester, Virginia, explained that the “at capacity” status has less to do with unvaccinated patients and more to do with unvaccinated staffers that are being let go for their resistance to hospital, state and federal mandates.

“They can’t open a bed that they don’t have a nurse and a tech to staff,” he explained in a video interview that was published over the weekend, after being asked by interviewer Jim Hale if the health care worker shortage supposedly caused by the pandemic is, in reality, a result of strict vaccine mandates that many health care professionals have refused to adhere to.

“I can tell you that all those beds [at Valley Health] are not open, and I know that for a fact,” McDowell charged, referring to his former place of employment.

“There are beds closed, and they’re saying they’re … at capacity, but it’s not because there’s not enough beds,” he explained.

“It’s not because of the patient load. It’s because of the workforce load,” he said.

In other words, the unvaccinated patients aren’t overwhelming the hospital; the hospital has let go so many workers who refused to comply with the vaccine mandate that it’s now short-staffed as a result.

This is all rather remarkable when you consider that it’s health care workers who not only have been the most intimately familiar with COVID-19 throughout the whole of the pandemic, but they’re the ones you’d think would be most likely to be clamoring for a vaccine.

First of all, as is the case with frontline workers like firefighters, EMTs, and police officers, most nurses and doctors have been exposed to the coronavirus. Many have contracted and survived it themselves.

Although it’s highly inconvenient to those manufacturing and mandating the vaccine, the fact remains that there is ample evidence to suggest that natural immunity can protect against the virus at least as well as the vaccine itself.

“If you think about it, you have the political elite, the media elite, the people at the highest levels of the CDC, the pharmaceutical industry, they are running, they run the whole narrative,” McDowell explained.

“They’re the ones pushing it, they’re the ones who benefit the most from everyone taking a vaccine,” he stated.

Meanwhile, it’s hospital patients and hard-working frontline workers who are suffering due to these mandates.

A year ago, nurses and doctors were the celebrated heroes of the pandemic — now they’re being left in the dust for refusing to get a vaccine that they, with all their professional knowledge and experience with the virus, do not feel they should be required to get.

At the start of the pandemic, they were seen as the anointed saviors of all mankind. Their plight was often touted to convince the rest of us to shut up, get in line, and disregard any and all concern for our civil liberties and unprecedented violations thereof.

And suddenly, now that so many of them have their doubts about this vaccine and are willing and ready to work with COVID-19 patients without getting the vaccine themselves, they suddenly have no more clout?

Broad-reaching mandates by health care systems, states and the Biden administration are creating a health care worker shortage right in the midst of what they continue to tell us is a horrifically deadly pandemic that is being perpetrated by those who refuse to get vaccinated. Yet clearly, according to McDowell, this is far from the case.

How much longer are we going to tolerate this manufactured pandemic — and how much damage will be done to our nation’s vital health care infrastructure in the process?

  • Gordon Schumway says:

    Arrest Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer and Biden.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Its a Labor issue NOT vaccine issue for beds.
    Media lies as always for the Forever Pandemic

  • hjm says:

    This hysteria has nothing to do with Covid..and everything to do with political advantages, lies and abuse.

  • denise says:

    by now-most of america must know this whole narrative is bullshit. now they’re starting with our kids. if the kids that are in good shape survive the vaxx,then more than likely they will be sterile.the parents must rise up and not let it happen..for a multitude of reasons..pull them out of school-teach them yourself-they’ll no doubt get a better education anyways..

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