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Pennsylvania Voting Machines Just Got Decertified

Pennsylvania election officials have decertified voting machines in Fulton County after Republican lawmakers had them audited following the state’s controversial handling of the 2020 election.

Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid said in a Tuesday letter that after a software company called Wake TSI looked over the Dominion machines at the request of government officials concerned with election integrity, they would have to be retired.

The company was contracted following a request from Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano and from Fulton County election officials, The Hill reported.

Wake TSI reportedly examined the machines, looking at each one’s “election database, results files, and Windows system logs.”

Fulton County also had Wake TSI use a “system imaging tool to take complete hard drive images of these computers” and to also “complete images of two USB thumb drives” which were used to transfer election results.

Degraffenreid complained that the inspection of the machines was “not transparent or bipartisan.”

The acting secretary of state also said the machines were compromised, as Dominion Voting Systems and election officials could not “verify that the impacted components of Fulton County’s leased voting system are safe to use in future elections.”

“I have no other choice but to decertify the use of Fulton County’s leased Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5A voting system last used in the November 2020 election,” she stated.

For future elections, Fulton County will lease or buy new machines, The Hill reported.

Wake TSI is the same company contracted for the audit of the Maricopa County, Arizona, 2020 election results.

President Donald Trump and some state officials have said Pennsylvania was the site of massive voter fraud before, during and after the November election.

Mastriano has sought to have other counties audit their machines, but counties have turned that request down fearing their machines would be de-certified by the state, as those in Fulton County have been, WCAU-TV reported.

After three Pennsylvania lawmakers toured the Arizona audit, Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf called it an “effort to discredit the integrity of our elections” as well as “an insult to our county election workers and to Pennsylvania voters,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Trump has called for a full forensic audit in the commonwealth, which is something not likely to happen.

Mastriano last month appeared willing to compromise.

“I’m a bit disconcerted that someone has come out on our side, not even leaving open the idea of an audit,” Mastriano stated in June, the Post-Gazette reported. “I don’t know how we can get around it, but the people overwhelmingly want an audit.”

“I think just a county or two would do. My preference would be a Democrat and a Republican county and let the chips fall where they may,” Mastriano said.

  • plusaf says:

    The forensic examination of any voting machines must be done BEFORE Election Day so there is adequate time to certify OR decertify them! Probably at least a month must be allowed for that process so there is no ‘rushing the testing’.

  • Michael McCallion sr. says:

    Paper Ballots and personal appearance with Photo i.D. is probably the only reason the Dominion Computors are not in use to protect the proven collusion between the Liberal Party & Canada’s version of R.I.N.O. called the — ‘Progressive’ – in Progressive Conservatives which was an amalgam coming from Canada West as one of the many attempts for Westerners to have input in Federal Government. – This was removed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Decade of Administration with many, many, schemes – called scams put forward by the P progressives as P.I.N.O.s in Ottawa and Certainly in Toronto: with its middle number of 45 Seats. in the federal Parliament.

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