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Senator Kennedy Found a Replacement for Dr. Fauci

As fewer and fewer people take Dr. Anthony “I am science” Fauci seriously in the wake of an unceremonious release of his emails about the Wuhan coronavirus, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) doesn’t have much pity to offer.

Joining Fox News on Wednesday evening, Senator Kennedy explained why he’s fed up with Dr. Fauci’s woe-is-me media tour.

“I know Dr. Fauci, I like Dr. Fauci, I respect Dr, Fauci. But Dr. Fauci needs to cut the crap. This isn’t about Dr. Fauci, it’s not about his feelings. I’m sorry if his feeling were hurt. You know maybe he ought to buy an emotional support pony,” Kennedy remarked to Hannity.

Kennedy continued, explaining Fauci’s track record of funding lab research on bat viruses in China with Taxpayer dollars. “Dr. Fauci gave a lot of U.S. taxpayer money to the Wuhan lab for Chinese scientists to research bat coronaviruses. Neither Dr. Fauci nor any of his people can guarantee us that the Chinese scientists didn’t use that money to do gain of function research and turn a normal virus into a supercharged virus.”

Kennedy also made the important point that if—as Fauci and his fellow experts told us—the Wuhan coronavirus was a natural phenomenon, the Chinese Community Party would be “screaming it from the rooftop” to help their case that they were not responsible for unleashing a global pandemic.

As a follow-up Thursday afternoon, Kennedy took to his personal Twitter account to share a simple equation that sets the record straight on what kind of doctor Louisiana’s junior senator prefers:



  1. Avatar

    Stephen Russell

    June 11, 2021 at 1:14 pm

    Hooray name someone then Dr Atlas

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