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Sheffield United Star Collapses on Pitch During Match — TV Live Feed Cut When Announcer Asks If He’s Had Covid Jab

Sheffield United star John Fleck collapsed on the pitch during Tuesday night’s match and rushed to the hospital. Play was halted for 11 minutes as Fleck was treated on the field.

The soccer star was given oxygen on the field and then taken off the field in a stretcher. He spent the night in the hospital.

The live feed was cut after one of the announcers asked, “I think everyone wants to know if he’s had the COVID vaccine?”

The coach discussed the situation after the match.


Sheffield United midfielder John Fleck has been discharged from hospital after collapsing on the pitch during last night’s game against Reading.

The match was paused for 11 minutes while Fleck received treatment, with 13 minutes of stoppage time played in the second half to compensate. The 30-year-old then spent Tuesday night in hospital.

United say they will continue to “monitor (Fleck) closely”, after he returned home on Wednesday morning.

A club statement read: “Sheffield United is grateful to report that John Fleck has been discharged from hospital and will return to Sheffield today (Wednesday).

“He was conscious when he was taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital and was communicative with club and medical personnel, as well as his family.

“After comprehensive medical examinations and staying in hospital overnight for observation, he has been allowed home, where United medical staff will continue to monitor him closely.

“United and John Fleck would like to thank all who assisted at a stressful time last night and also everyone for their supportive messages.”

  • C2021 says:

    Death Jab

  • Jamie says:

    Sent home and will continue to be monitored means he went home with a heart monitor possibly to determine if the vaccine screwed up his heart.

  • JerBar says:

    The media is always quick to mention when someone IS NOT vaxjabbed if that MIGHT be a concern. The TV NEWS stations worldwide are all lies to push an agenda most people across the world don’t believe. They want total control of you, you mind and your body. They dont want to use the word “slaves’ but that is where this is going.

  • eingriff says:

    Half-wit Brits are killing themselves.

  • John says:

    That’s because the Biden death shot and the scumbags in fake media are working together to decrease the world population through their Dead shot, these corrupted dirtbags need to be sentenced for mass murder and then executed in public for crimes against the American people

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