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Trump Gives a Straight Answer When Asked if He’s Running in 2024

People are pretty fed up with the Biden administration and while President Joe Biden’s stock is falling with the American people, former President Donald Trump’s only seems to be rising. While expletive-filled chants can be heard echoing through sporting events, cheers in favor of Trump are what greets him.

So the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Trump will run again in 2024. He already told us he’d be back, but we never knew in what capacity he was talking about. Some speculated it was to be president, others that he would possibly create his own news network or social media company.

According to Fox News, Trump was asked directly if he would be returning again in 2024, and he answered it very directly:

“I don’t think we’re going to have a choice,” Trump told Fox News. “It is disgraceful.”

Trump went on to bill the Biden administration’s withdrawal of U.S. military assets from Afghanistan as the “greatest embarrassment in the history of our country.”

“When you look at Afghanistan and what happened, and the death for no reason, just for no reason,” Trump said, adding that military “parents – they want to speak with me – they don’t want to speak with Biden.”

“They’re just devastated,” he said.

“It is getting to a point where we really have no choice,” he added.

Things can still change between now and then, but it would appear that as of now, Trump is already eyeing his former seat. Normally, this kind of talk could be shrugged off. Very rarely does a former loser come back only to retake their seat, especially if that seat is in the Oval Office. Trump, however, is a different story.

For one, many hold that Trump’s loss last November was illegitimate, and to be sure, questions about odd occurrences and events that went down still hang in the air. It doesn’t help that Democrats have been working hard to make that level of confusion around elections the standard with the “For the People Act.” Trump wasn’t, and still isn’t, done with his agenda.

The other is the fact that Trump has effectively become the de facto leader of the Republican party, despite not holding any office and being completely absent from the social media scene. With few exceptions such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, there aren’t many people Republicans people would choose over Trump for the job of POTUS.

This is both due to Trump’s successes while in office and the fact that Democrats continue to tell Republicans that they’re afraid of him, be it through consistent attacks in the media, to silencing him on every platform possible. Any issue that Democrats have is immediately blamed on the fabled “orange man.”

Barring any complications, Trump will be returning and the Democrats seem to know it. They’re going to try to do him as much damage as they can, but it’s the left that makes Trump more powerful each day, be it their attacks on him or their attacks on America.

  • Patric says:

    The best thing for our country is for President Donald Trump to be back in the west wing now! He can clean up the destructive messes Joe Biden and his administration have created. The one thing he cannot change is the brazen killing of 13 of America’s best…. they should be here, period! So young, so brave, so honorable. All these “think they are elite” in politics, sports, the beaurecrats, entertainment, and the corrupt media have shown no anger at this atrocity… actually many are defending joe biden and his co-horts. These heroes have loved ones whose hearts are broken, whose lives are forever changed, and for what… sleazy politics. Pelosi would not even let their names be mentioned but hey, she’s a democrat and whatever she does is a-okay. But oh those mean tweets are just deplorable. You all must be so proud of yourselves! God’s blessings and peace for all the loved ones of 13 true patriots!

    • HenryK says:

      Another thing that President Trump cannot do is to pry hundreds of thousands of Liberal-Progressive Civil Service bureaucrats out of the offices they occupy.

  • Mary-Jo Wiese says:

    Yes, they are afraid of him! They know he is much better & more powerful than anything they can throw at him!! I think that is part of their anger AND FEAR !! He walked in & took the reigns without a hitch!! Even tho he was not a true Politician, but working as he did in the World of Business , he was in actuality a Politician in many ways & not one of the Dems took notice of this! He was 7 is , better at the ART OF THE DEAL than 90 % of DC !! Pelosi likes to think she is , she pales whe it comes to the REAL DEALS , Life & Death , War or Peace!! If Joey is left in the WH we will be at war very soon !! He is a scuzball who thinks he knows everything & can get away with anything !! He belongs in one of Obummers CAGES !!!

  • Laura Edwards says:

    Trump! Trump! Trump!

  • Richard Mundy says:

    These are not just plain Democrats they are Progressive Socialist Marxist the worst of the worst type masquerading as Democrats that have highjacked the party.

  • Kathie Laughman says:

    Until something is done to see that our elections are run legitimately, we will never have another republican put in office. 2022 will be here before you know it and we’ll be stuck with our thumbs up in the air, looking for ways to prevent cheating. It’ll be too late by then.

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