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WATCH: This 18-Year Old Video Proves That Fauci Has ALWAYS Been Bad At His Job

Millions of Americans were introduced to Dr. Fauci in 2020 as he completely failed in his job assessing the Chinese virus, but apparently he has been terrible at his job for decades before this.

18 years ago, Fauci was actually called out on live TV by a physician on C-SPAN as she laid out a brilliant case for why he should step down from his post at the NIH.

She said that under Fauci, America’s ”ability to control infectious diseases hasn’t improved but, in fact, worsened.”

The National Post added the following:

“Described as a physician from Durham, North Carolina, the caller made the prophetic remarks during an April 14th, 2003 Open Phones program focusing on the “source of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and efforts to combat the disease” amidst an epidemic in Hong Kong.”

Here’s the transcript of the physician eloquently punking the long-time failed bureaucrat:

“You’ve been at the NIH a pretty long time, and it seems to me that during your tenure, our ability to control infectious diseases hasn’t improved but, in fact, worsened. And even basic health tips such as you can’t use antibiotics to treat viral infections have not been adequately communicated to the public because, for instance, people will come in demanding an antibiotic for a common cold or any other viral infection which has certainly served to create more resistant strains. Not saying that this has anything to do with this particular SARS epidemic.”

“But don’t you think it’s time you step down and let someone else who has a more effective message,” she concludes.

“Actually, no,” Fauci responds, trying to laugh it off.

Watch below:

Failure appears to run *DEEP* in Fauci’s life. Who knew?



  1. Avatar


    June 9, 2021 at 5:26 am

    How could I not agree with both of you?! He’s a hack who’s getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to push the agenda that will destroy us and so many other countries. If it were anyone other than liberal democrats who were in charge for the moment, I’d be surprised any of this was happening. Now I can only pray it will all end soon!

  2. Avatar

    Stephen Russell

    June 9, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    Fire the fool, did damage 18 years on who needs him

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