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Woman Who Supports Baby Murder Says Get the Vaccine Because Bible Says To

It’s always laughable when Democrats start thumping their (probably borrowed) Bibles to preach to Christians, but it’s downright absurd coming from the likes of Vice President Kamala Harris.

The abortion-supporting politician has been attempting to evangelize the reluctant faithful into taking the hastily developed, novel COVID-19 vaccine by telling them it’s a way to follow the biblical edict to “love thy neighbor.”

She has trotted out this message on several occasions, including last month in Greenville, South Carolina, as the Biden administration was feverishly working toward its goal of having 70 percent of Americans vaccinated by July 4, the Post and Courier reported.

She also uttered it to a crowd in Las Vegas and while speaking at Detroit’s TCF Center last week.

“You know, a couple weeks ago, I was down in Atlanta at Ebenezer Baptist Church. And it was good to be back there,” she told the crowd on July 12.

“And the church — of course, you all know this is the church where Dr. King preached until the day he died,” Harris went on.

“And today, it is a place of worship. But as most places of worship, also a place of healing; it is a vaccination site,” she said, subtly elevating the vaccine to something akin to a sacrament. “Then and now, a place of healing.

“And when I was there, I talked with a bunch of folks and, in particular, I met with a bunch of folks who had just been vaccinated and the health care workers who administered the vaccines. And I said then what I will repeat today: I do believe that the act of getting vaccinated is the very essence — the very essence — of what the Bible tells us when it says, ‘love thy neighbor.’ Right?” she asked the approving crowd.

Her handlers apparently think this is such a home run point for her that it’s been produced into a clip tweeted on her official account, complete with schmaltzy piano music for full emotional effect.

Democrats often turn to the Bible when they’re desperate — not in the sincere way of believers seeking solace in God’s word, but as an attempt to appropriate the language of Christians to garner their political support.

The appeals continue to ratchet up after the administration didn’t hit its vaccination goals, forcing it to blame, accuse or pander to convince the unvaccinated to take the shot.

Rather than trying to directly address people’s legitimate concerns or reiterate the scientific arguments for doing so, Harris has decided to co-opt religious language to try to trick those backward believers into getting inoculated.

And while the inerrant Word of God always has value, the message falls painfully flat when coming from the mouth of Harris (after all, even Satan quoted Scripture while tempting Jesus in the desert).

She may be suddenly fond of Scripture when it suits her purpose, yet she never seemed concerned with the Book of Exodus instruction that says, “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13)

If she were preaching that verse instead, it would undermine her unwavering zeal for killing the unborn that has been a hallmark of her career.

As recently as 2019, Harris voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act that would require doctors to give medical care to infants born alive after a botched abortion (truly a barbaric world when a procedure is deemed a failure when a baby survives it).

It’s also a fact that some of the COVID-19 vaccines are derived from fetal cell lines, something that gives many Bible-believing pro-lifers pause and would demolish Harris’ biblical appeal to get the shot anyway.

Still, Harris hasn’t preached nor even seems to have read the New Testament admonition to “[f]lee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.” (1 Corinthians 6:18)

But that one would not jibe with her support for perverse transgender ideology and same-sex marriage.

Despite her attempt to convince believers of her affinity for the Bible that is as transparent as her cringy “it’s about light” Hannukah message, she’s never governed like someone who cares about what sacred Scripture has to say at all anyway — so why would any person of faith believe her now?

Democrats always try this tactic, often dressing up their far-left agenda points like open borders, climate change alarmism and socialism in religious buzzwords to make them more palatable to Christians.

They’re not speaking from any true conviction but rather from the perspective that religious people are stupid and will do whatever they say as long as they quote a little Scripture to back it up.

Fortunately, the Bible has some advice for us on this one too — “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

  • Suzy says:

    She is so arrogant that she actually thinks that she can tell Christians what is in the Bible….so laughable!

    Kamala the fraud wouldn’t recognize Jesus if he appeared right in front of her!

  • David Hess says:

    She is further proof of the total collapse of the democrat party into a quagmire of T-rex dung.

  • Jennifer says:

    Bible has Nothing of the sort what This Sick Demented Person is spouting. Twisting the Words of God is Blasphemy you WILL be Dealt with Accordingly

  • James Rentschler says:

    She must be quoting from the Quran, The Holy Bible of my God say’s it is a mortal sin to kill! Democrats are the party of death! Cackling fraud!

  • Pattie Kelly says:

    Kamala Harris wouldn’t know the Bible if it hit her in the head. Yes Jesus stresses “love thy neighbor” then how about “Thou Shall Not Murder?”. Isn’t that what the Democraps are doing by aborting babies in the womb? As a Catholic I know how much Jesus loved the children. He would always call out to them to come to Him. And if he came to earth NOW and saw how many babies in the womb some Americans were killing he would pass judgment on them. He wouldn’t say “That’s OK you are only 8 weeks along.” NO HE would put a stop to it then and where He was. So Harris take your “holier than thou” attitude and crawl back under the rock you came from. And you best repent.

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