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Tucker Carlson: Biden’s officials are turning on him, and it’s about more than Afghanistan

We’ve learned a lot in the past five days. Maybe the important thing we’ve learned is that Joe Biden is not capable of running the country. Joe Biden is senile. Saying that out loud is not an attack on Biden. Any decent person feels sorry for Biden, watching him gaze vacantly into the middle distance, or stumble like a drunk man trying to cross an icy street as he careens through his prepared remarks. There’s no joy in watching any of that. That could be any of us someday. It’s not Joe Biden’s fault he can’t think clearly. It’s an indictment of the people around him.

In the months before last November’s election, Biden’s own family knew perfectly well that he was in profound cognitive decline. They were worried about it. They told other people they were worried about it, which is how we know. But they did nothing to stop Biden from running for president. Neither did Ron Klain, who is now the White House chief of staff. Klain is highly familiar with Joe Biden’s senility. He works there every day. So do Mike Donilon and Gene Sperling and Susan Rice, and the rest of the people making the decisions in this country, very much including Barack Obama. They all know. These are hard, cynical, clear-eyed people. They’ve worked with Joe Biden for many years. Not one of them has any doubt he is failing. Now it’s obvious to the rest of the country.

Anyone who’s been paying attention had already caught on to this, of course. But until recently, it didn’t seem to matter a whole lot. You saw Biden on television, grinning and mumbling. He was up there reminding you to put on your little mask, or wear your seatbelt, or go easy on the sodium. None of it seemed especially threatening. These are the things that elderly men talk about: “Be safe out there, kids.” But in the last week, we’ve been reminded how tiny our domestic concerns actually are. They’re neuroses born of narcissism. A Chinese flu virus? Please. That’s hardly the scariest thing going on in the world right now. Not even close. The entire United States military has just been humiliated by illiterate peasants in turbans — and if that’s not insulting enough, many of them were carrying our rifles as they did it.

It makes you wonder about the future of the west, and who will replace us when we’re gone. Someone in authority probably ought to be thinking about that, and a lot of other things. What will we do when the Chinese finally move against Taiwan? How will we respond when there’s a credible challenge to the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency? Etc. Etc. There are issues out there, a lot of them, in other words, that matter more than whether you keep your mask over your nose on that Southwest flight to Tucson. It’s shameful, it’s embarrassing when you think of how totally frivolous and up our own butts we’ve been for the last few years.

All we can say for certain at this point is that Joe Biden won’t be making any of the big decisions going forward. Biden isn’t capable of being the president in crisis. So who will be? We can’t say. But it’s clear if you watch closely that things are changing very fast in Washington. The people around Biden are moving away from him, in ways that are not subtle. Why is this happening now? Was it always the plan? Did the party that hates white guys finally realize it was being led by one? Again, we don’t know the answer. But the signs are everywhere, and they’re strikingly obvious. Some of Biden’s most senior appointees are contradicting him in public. If you cover politics, it’s shocking to see that. This is a violation of the first and most ruthlessly enforced rule in any White House: Don’t diminish the boss.

But suddenly they’re doing just that, and they’re doing it openly. Just hours after Joe Biden assured us that things were fine in Afghanistan, for example, Lloyd Austin, his defense secretary, described the situation there as a disaster. And then Austin repeated it, for emphasis. Others are doing the same thing. Biden this afternoon told us that American citizens are having no trouble getting to the airport in Kabul:

JOE BIDEN: We have no indication that they haven’t been able to get in Kabul through the airport. We’ve made an agreement with the Taliban thus far. They’ve allowed them to go through. It’s in their interest for them to go through.

So the president of the United States went on TV to tell us things are fine for Americans in Kabul. But just an hour later, the Pentagon spokesman told us that’s not true.

Actually, Americans are being beaten in Kabul:

REPORTER: Defense Sec. Austin just now in a briefing call with House lawmakers said there are reports that Americans have been beaten by the Taliban in Kabul. Is the US military under orders to stay at the airport and not go protect them?

KIRBY: I think we’ve been talking about this throughout the entire briefing. We’re certainly mindful of these reports and they’re deeply troubling. And we have communicated to the Taliban that that’s absolutely unacceptable, that we want free passage through their checkpoints for documented Americans. And by and large, that’s happening.

So the President tells us that we have an iron-clad deal with the Taliban and everything’s cool. An hour later, John Kirby tells us we’re deeply concerned about what the Taliban is doing.

In a normal administration, with a president who planned on serving out his full four-year term, what you just saw would qualify as a kind of scandal. The Pentagon spokesman would be in serious trouble. He just contradicted his boss, the man who’s supposed to be in control of the entire executive branch of government. But, as we noted, things are changing very fast. It happened again. Biden today told us that al Qaeda has been driven from Afghanistan:

BIDEN: What interest do we have in Afghanistan at this point with al Qaeda gone? We went to Afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al Qaeda in Afghanistan, as well as getting Osama bin Laden. And we did.

Once again, just an hour after he said that, the President of the United States is contradicted in public by his own employee, once again the Pentagon spokesman:

KIRBY: We know that al Qaeda is a presence, as well as ISIS in Afghanistan, and we’ve talked about that for quite some time.

GRIFFIN: But the President just said that there is no al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan. That does not seem to be correct.

KIRBY: What we don’t think is — what we believe is that there isn’t a presence that is significant enough to merit a threat to our homeland as there was back on 9/11, 20 years ago.

So that’s the opposite of what Biden said. The top spokesman for the most powerful agency in government informing us that the President of the United States has no idea what he’s talking about. You don’t see that every day. In fact, you never see it. But it’s not just Biden’s employees who appear to be turning on him in public. So are some of his political allies. The neocons — liberals who used the Republican Party for their own purposes for decades, before abandoning it when Trump arrived — are now attacking Joe Biden openly and very aggressively. That didn’t take long. But most telling of all is this, from CNN.

CLARISSA WARD: It is just an absolute mess. And we heard President Biden say yesterday in his comments to ABC News that this is not a failure. And I think a lot of people outside that airport, particularly those taking the kinds of extreme actions we’re just talking about, would like to know: if this isn’t failure, what does failure look like exactly?

So, Joe Biden failed. And he’s lying about it. That’s what CNN said. It’s hard to overstate the significance of that. CNN is not a news network. It’s a political organization. Its anchors and reporters don’t decide for themselves what to say on camera. They’re told, in highly specific terms, every weekday morning on a call with their commander, Jeff Zucker. There is no intellectual freelancing at CNN. “Here’s what I think.” No. It’s a united front — a single hymnal for the entire congregation. When CNN changes its position on something, it changes as one — everybody, from the chirpy morning dingbats to Don L’Mon on the night shift. They say precisely what they’re told to say. Ever watch the channel?

And now, they’re saying something very, very different. Consider this person, a former member of the morning zoo crew, on a contemporary hits station in Yakima, Washington. On a good day, she’s probably operating with a functional IQ of about 85. So it’s fair to say she’s not coming up with her own material. And yet, here she is, visibly outraged on the air about what an incompetent bad person Joe Biden is:

BRIANNA KEILAR: The rapid fall of Afghanistan stunning the Biden administration and this nation, quite frankly. And many of the promises, predictions, and the words of the president and his White House are coming back to haunt them.

What is going on here? These are literally the people who got Joe Biden elected. He wouldn’t be president without these people. Now, just seven months in, they’re telling you he has failed personally? It does not make sense.

Afghanistan is hardly Biden’s first disaster. As of tonight, our southern border has collapsed, the murder rate is spiking in our cities, the Covid vaccines do not work, inflation’s out of control, and the country’s entire population of school children hasn’t been educated in more than a year. All of that’s been going on. None of that seemed to bother CNN in the slightest. In fact, they reserved their energy to attack anyone who noticed those trends. But now, suddenly their anchors are weeping on the air because Americans are trapped in Afghanistan. They don’t notice the 70,000 who die every year from drug overdoses. But this has sent them into a self-riotous rage. Call us cynical, but we don’t buy it. Something else is going on here. We don’t know what it is, exactly, but it’s pretty obvious.

  • Michael McCallion Sr. says:

    The world will continue to rotate and: Sir Winston Churchill in 1936 – While England Slept – ” Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers which they dare not not dismount. And the tigers are getting hungry. ” ____ ____ My comment for today ___ Please remember the Individuals who presently fear the tigers are doing everything they can to stop Ordinary Average Persons from expressing their concern. __ Not fear, concern if they are part of the Sovereign Ordinary Average Persons. __ If they are Ordinary Average Persons without a solid base of Government the concern is slowly moving to fear and this will bring change: not as the controlling persons believe will happen: ________ It will be interesting if this comment makes it through the Triibune of Facebook deleters of Counservative comments. __ Recently discovered that Macleans/ Facebook/ Apple have been pretending to process my daily commnets on Facebook through the vaunted Apple – privacy protection – unless it is Apple products used in China; – then low & behold the also vaunted scion of the Trudeau – Legacy as the first of the Trudeau clutch promoted the ‘ Third Way ‘ of the neighbourhood Canada should abide by: – certainly not with Americans – even though it was Canada’s largest trading Partner _ [ at least a Billion $,$$$,$$$.$$$.$$ passed from Canada into the U.S.A. each Day & and a Billion passed from the U.S.A. into Canada each Day ] __ normally the flow was to Canada’s advantage. __ However since the CBC was ‘ ginned up ‘ by the Trudeauce to not only be critical of the – those Americans – y’all know the “deplorables” as >Hillary< described the shoppers at Walmart & the trained U.S.A. smearedia wasn't stretching the real truth* into Fake News was saying things like " We must be near a Walmart shopper cause I can smell them" Or as the Deputy Prime Minister & Finance guru & I'll look after the tough has just Spread similar Fake News about the Conservative O'Tool using CBC and thge bought Central Canada media – including Macleans. __ The second Way of the ' Third Way ' was trading with the European Union. __ However the Third Way of Pierre Elliot Trudeau as the 1st P.M. of the Trudeau – Legacy was when Mao Tse Dong in 1974 congratulated P.E.T. for opening up North America's – Back Door – to the U.S.A. – Please do check the non-bought off Canadian Media for information confirming that P.E.T. visted Communist China during World War Two – y'all know when other young Men in their Twenties were Fighting the Fasicit Nazis to save Freedom for the Baby Boomers and post- B.B. & Gen X and Milliniells who actually experienced the Present False Doctrine of Critical Race Theory; anti American etc. especially if they attended Canadian University. – I digress; P.E.T. also visited Communist China in the 1950's & 1960's & 1970's until he opened the Communist door into the U. S.A. ___ By the way the incredible False News of the American smearedia about POTUS # 45 Donald J.Trump has been proven to show every thing He stated was the Truth: But CBC will never let this become known in Canada or the also funded by Canadian Tax-payer funding; y'all understand the Liberal Party Third Prime Minister of the Trudeau – Legacy promised to send Millions of Candian Tax Payer funding to the Centra Canada media prior to the dropping of the Election Writ – This Time – as always when the Privy Council Office & a Liberal Prime Ministers Office – have a chance to get together. Remember the only less than a Year ago the collusion processes between the control of the P.C.O. over the Bureaucracy with its Own Cadre of 500 clerks & the P.M.O with only 300 clerks – y'all recognize the Trudeau – Legacy 3rd Prime Minister – Justin – only established an Anglophone Clerk in the P.M.O. in January of 2020 when he had been P.M. in 2015. — whatever this means except if it wasn't for the Justin only able to win a Minority Government in 2019 one could think maybe having and English Language individual [ the much larger population ] who would be able to relate to English Language Culture Canadians might have brought some insight into the damage of inability to process Fossil Fuels from Alberta & Saskatchewan would severely damage these two Provinces revenues. __ D'yall wonder why the Fossil Fuels from Atlantic Canada were never in the CBC or Central Canada Media as a Problem. __ By the way the Oil Sands bitumen gathering process – is by far the "Most Ethical Production Process providing High Pay Jobs for the Hard & Heavy work this is for Both Indigenous Men & non-indigenous Men. __ A further – By the way or Two is the Oil Sands Bitumin is really cleaning up one of the largest oil leakage areas in the world & The Oil Sands is a far cleaner fossil fuel than the Sulphur- Laden Fossil Fuel which was being refined in Texas instead of Alberta's travelling by Pipeline to Texas for refining. __ Looking back at what I've written __ I cannot edit what I type because if I make such a change then Facebook or Apple or who knows maybe the China Communist Party government who sent the pandemic Our way & the Third Prime Minister of the Trudeau – Legacy screwed up so badly by sending the Stock of Facemasks to China when it was starting to leak out about what the C.C.P. had created; then when we wanted a return for Canadian Citizens the China made Facemasks were rejected by Canadian Quality Checkers- something similar to which China is having with the vaccines they have developed. __ However something the CBC & Central Canada Media will not let y'all know is India has had significant success with a new Process which does not make genetic changes that has made some Canadians reluctant to have the various Vaccines avaiable. My Wife And I both over 75 years of age have had both 'shots' and so have our adult children. __ One has to consider Canadians who remember the tragedy of Thalidomide when demanding Vaxine MUST be taken.__ I do believe such a concern is not warranted; But Citizens have Rights & concern therefore mandatory rules by government and frightened business owners after the Year Long Shutdown(s) when the period of time & therefore acceptance was Two Weeks and the steady lengthening process as we all understand is the Bureaucracy approach of CYA . __ This has been a long time if you actually read this far. — Possibly it crossed your mind'; If P.E.T. was Trudeau – Legacy First Prime Minister & Justin is Third Prime Minister of the Trudeau – Legacy __ Who is the Second Prime Minster of the Trudeau – Legacy ? ___ Well it is Justin's acclaimed "Uncle Jean" Chretien who picked up the Mantle of travelling many times to China Communist Party Government on the Tax-payer funding these times for establishing business connections. __ He was succefull in establishing connections for Quebec's Laurentien Elite and actually gained 13 Billions of business; 10 Billions for Quebec & 3 Billions to be spread around the other 9 Provinces. __ When reading the information provided for this ' snap election ' it is always important to keep in mind Who has the power to do this & why? ___ It is really only 19 months since the 2019 election and each person should reflect on what could have happened to Canada's Culture(s) if that 19 months were under a Majority Government of the Trudeau – Legacy. __ Please remember that Jsutin was pleased with the power of the China Communist Party Government in making significant changes; and at one stage over the 19 months P.M. Justin Trudeau declared in a Public Forum and I paraphrase; ' You do not have a culture ! '__ obviously referring to the Citizens outside of Quebec __ as He has stated several times being the President of Quebec is really His best thought. Mike Sr.

  • Jeff says:

    Americans should never forget the contract with each other. Because many people puts a political party first we have forgotten the contract that no matter what we are Americans first. If anyone is saying Walk a way Joe is doing a good job on anything they have broken the contract.

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