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Tucker Carlson: Pentagon leaders are trying to hide truth about illegal immigration from Americans

It’s not a partisan talking point or any kind of exaggeration to say that Joe Biden has opened this country’s borders to the world. Since Biden’s inauguration in January, the Border Patrol has apprehended close to a million foreign nationals coming into this country overland through Mexico.

How many people is that? It’s more than live in the entire cities of San Francisco, or Denver, or Seattle, or Indianapolis, or Boston or Charlotte. We could keep going. That’s all in just six months. That’s enough people to change our country forever. You may argue that’s a good thing. America will benefit from this influx of people from foreign countries. If so, we’d love to hear that argument. No one has so far explained how that works.

But what you can’t argue is that opening the borders was legal, or that anyone in the country voted for it. The current mass movement of foreign nationals into the United States was never approved by Congress. No one passed a law asking for it. The Biden administration just did it, unilaterally, without asking Americans what they thought of it.

They probably already knew. Every poll we’ve ever seen shows clearly that voters of all backgrounds oppose open borders. The policy is highly unpopular. So the administration couldn’t say out loud what they were doing. Instead, they operated in secrecy. They hid it. They’re hiding it right now. What exactly are they doing?

Tonight we have new information for you that answers that question, at least in part. This show has confirmed that the administration has enlisted the U.S. military to move illegal immigrants secretly around the country. It’s happening at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas.

We know this is happening there because a man called Lt. Col. Matthew Burrows sent his subordinates an email spelling it out very clearly.

“Over the next few days, weeks or months,” the note began, “you may see passenger aircraft on our ramp transporting undocumented non-citizens. Please review the attached public affairs guidance on the issue.” Burrows’ email then instructed uniformed military personnel to hide what was happening on the base from the country they’re sworn to serve.

“Do not take photographs and refrain from posting anything on social media.” Lt. Col. Burrows offered no national security justification for keeping any of this secret because there is none. He just told the people who work for him not to talk.

We got this email from a whistleblower. At first, we doubted it could be real. During the last administration, the Pentagon firmly refused to protect America’s southern border. “That’s not our job,” they said. “Too political, send us to Syria.” And yet, according to this document, here was the very same U.S. military leadership at the Pentagon helping the Biden administration — with maximum, enforced stealth, with secrecy — to subvert the country’s core immigration laws.

It was hard to believe that could be happening. But it is happening. The Pentagon has confirmed it to us. Spokesman Chris Mitchell described the flights as a “noncitizen movement,” part of what he called “the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s mission.”

He told us then to direct any further questions to ICE. So we did. We called ICE, multiple times in fact. ICE did not deny they were using Laughlin Air Force Base to relocate foreign nationals in large numbers into the interior of our country and do it secretly. The question is: where are these people going? Several times, ICE promised us additional details. But in the end, we never heard back.

*Ice later confirmed this report to be accurate. You can see their response below:

Apparently, Americans don’t have a right to know where foreign nationals are being resettled in their own country. We do know, thanks to the Center for Immigration Studies, that the Biden administration has been sending illegal migrants all over the country for some time now.

NARRATOR: What’s happening most of the time is that they’re boarding buses and heading into America’s heartland. A conveyor belt of commercial and charter buses just like this one out of Del Rio, Texas. are carrying tens of thousands sight unseen from Texas, Arizona, and California borderlands northward and they’re dropping Haitian, Venezuelan, Cuban and Central American family units in Florida, New Jersey, Tennesee, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and large cities in Texas such as Dallas and Houston.

Changing the electoral map, are we? Serving the businesses that paid for you to get elected, are we? Yes, we are.

Those were busses. Now the administration is using aircraft and Air Force bases. That ought to give you some sense of the scale involved here. What you’re watching is demographic transformation, in our country, without our consent and in violation of our laws. That is happening. Our job is to shut up and accept it. We know that they will call us names if we don’t accept it.

But no, thanks. What’s happening, what they’re doing, is wrong. It’s moreover a violation of the most basic promise of democracy, which is that citizens get to control who runs the government. We, as citizens, have an absolute right to know what they are doing.

  • It looks and sounds like we have no voice at all anymore. Where are our Republicans on this issue? Why are we allowing this without Impeaching Biden? Why is Fox News reporting this stuff but not getting anywhere by doing so? It’s apparent we are moving ahead with Communism without the consent or even the knowledge of WE THE PEOPLE ! I guess we should just commit to preparing ourselves to be enslaved. Forced Vaccines? Mask Mandates? People being paid to NOT WoRK? Trillions of dollars being promised without security? Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools against the will of the parents? it’s just a matter of time before Fox is taken off the Air!

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Wonder why & using our bases & planes for shipping nationwide.
    In on deal with Cartels too?

  • Jeff Starkey says:

    I want to see their plan. Where’s the plan. They must have a plan, right? Everything I do in life is planned (usually) and I know the gummint is not short on regulations and TOs and aircraft recors keeping etc. and must have procedures for doing every dang thing. So where’s their plan?
    FOIA the plan.

  • Michael McCallion Sr. says:

    Please excuse the Doubling up of this commenting — there are many times — when my comments – go astray. I will post a comment about the U.S.A first: There is a steady drum-beat of proof the 2020 November election was at a minimum incompent and certainly leans toward corruption in the several States which are considered ‘Battleground States’. ___ The reasons for the Supreme Court of the United States not accepting the various and rapid delivery of Requests for Decision as required to meet the proscribed time schedule(s) are less valid at this desparate time in the National Security of the United States of America. __ In addition the refusal of SCOTUS to be inserted into the role as ‘final arbiter’ of political situations has re-established awareness of the individual States of the Union of their Oaths to the nation’s sovereign, ordinary average persons, and to the individual States of of the Union of the Oath of fiduciary responsibility from each Elected & Appointed representative. __ The scope of the SCOTUS judicature is now limited to arriving for satisfaction of a minimum of the aforementioned ‘Battleground States’ and possible other States of the Union also desiring the Strength of SCOTUS Reputation to support the existing Administration of each and any State of the Union and as the base of reputation of the Federal Government. _____ The above is a necessary thought of action for Tucker Carlson’s [ outreach to enlighten American Citizens ]__ The alternative is to keep the sad situation of cruelty by the Biden Family of their Revenue Glib-Grifter Senator from Delaware DuPont being whip-lashed by the tactics of the enslaver Democrat Party before the “Civil War” and planned “Jim Crow ” after the Assissination of POTUS # 16 ! – The alternative is a return to a Monarchial Regime similar to France’s Lous XIV – only the Bureaucracy of indiffernce is the CCP, not the Courtier Class, or truly the similar existing situation in Canada. ___ My addition is both a Local e.g. Niagara Regional Government of Ontario and a National e.g Ottawa/Hull Federal government when the Librano Party’s P.M.O. [Prime Minister’s Office ] & P.C.O. [Privy Council Office] is attached for the collusion of a Monarchial Bureaucracy placed on the 1st British Colony Dominion of Canada. __ The only carried forward by The British Empire’s Monarchial Bureaucracy while the Monarch was in a long Mourning Period. __ The necessity of Clutching several small British Colonies together in some gathered togetherness of- dominated still – Dominion of Canada. __ The P.C.O. still exists due to the willingness of elected representatives which actually __ Gather Together __ AS the Queen’s Council in Camera __ are excited by the Subtle encouragement of the P.C.O. – ‘You Are Now Entitled to put P.C.O. alongside any University Degree”. __ Canada’s version of a Knighthood and probably adding to being called – ‘Sir or Ma’am”. __ Now for the present Trudeau Legacy of the 1st Trudeau P.M. – P.E.T. who put in-to-place ‘The Backdoor of North America’ for Mao Tse Dong to move the China Communist Party manifesto of – Infiltrate; Bribe; Dominate; something similar to Dominon. ___ Well the Three (3) Niagara newspapers of the ‘Standard – Review – Tribune bought on the cheap, as the Television Ads took away print Advertising, became the minion editors of non-ity as the Toronto Star-probably the earliest -bought Newsprint – reasonably called the ‘Red Star’ by enlightened Canadians. _ I digress with background, todays -July 20, 2021- issue of the ‘Standard’ not only carries one of the deceitful and really not humorous in this time of ‘significant period of China capture of other People’s turf’ _ Actually has the Toronto Star’s prime example of a Zinn type creature as the Opinion – to be – run. __ This individual by name Gwynne Dyer actually expresses an Opinion, not only contrary to the opinions of said above – enlightened – Persons in both the American & Canadian culture; which is contstantly maligned by the Trudeau Legacy, But actually goes so far as to sub-Headline a comparison of South Africa’s one-time President – and with sophistry of a Schiff – calling Mr. President Trump – and bring forward the Gwynne Dyer words in His Comparison; Rape Charges- Criminal charges of fraud; racketeering; and money laundering; Dyer even brings forward information of the South Africa’s fomer President of refusing to appear in Court and actually attempts to sophisticate through sophistry rioting and pillaging similar to accusations not relevant to the 75 million Trump Supporters and unacknowledged by Dem ons as actualities happening throughout the U.S.A. Democrat Urban municipalities. __ Gwynne Dyer also uses sophistry in approving a Government putting ‘the army’ on the streets for such events. Thank you; for this opportunity. Michael McCallion Sr. Please excuse the doubling of the comment; Facebook which cancelled ny Facebook Page of about five years – when I brought forward the article in the Epoch Times about the beginning of the Trudeau Legacy: — My Facebook page with 5,000 Friends – periodically maintained at a minimum of 100 friends, except for a few, and with many friends also with 5,000 Friends – lets guess the average would be between 500 to 1,000 or 5,000 times 500 or 1,000 means 2,500,000 or 5,000,000 Friends pulled in one ‘ fell swoop’ of less than a minute. __ I had paid Advertising Fees of U.$ fees of 1,000.00 to 2,000.00 to Facebook __ In addition to the above I belonged to 14 Groups of Americans & Canadians. __ This year Facebook started asking me to restart a Facebook page; i ignored this for a month (?) and then why not ? let them set-up and a steady number of Friends to accept came my way every day. I accepted almost all except for obvious Advertising attempts- no problem with such- but was not my effort. __ At one time one of the possible friends – asked Me – why did I send a request to be my Friend; I responded by mentioning it was all part of Facebook’s efforts and possible couuld merely be part of an attempt on the Part of Facebook to generate Data to show they were not censoring – All or Any – conservative type commenters- Facebook had sent a message to Me when the above situation came about; when I answered the question; Facebook sent another message saying – might as well accept this Friend— Now the steady processing of commenting in the ‘ flying-in-the-face ‘ 🙂 of power this Octogenarian – Analogue – appears to be fighting against the ‘not announced’ Liberal Party Federal Election while still a possibilty of clutching power; Apple and its somewhat indifferent attitude and documented on my part ” incompetence ” of their Apple store concept and why they would do this, examples of CCP and slight paranoia 🙂 activity to my commenting; Cheers; Mike Sr.

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