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Tucker Carlson: The People in Charge are Intent on Replacing Democracy With Authoritarianism

We’re going to something a little different and to try to explain what this country is fighting with itself about, what are the lines that divide us?

It’s pretty obviously not the old partisan divide that the rest of us grew up with Republican versus Democrat. You figured that out now. You look over the Democratic side, you see Rashida Tlaib. You’re pretty certain she’s not on your side, obviously. But then the question is, is Mitch McConnell on your side? And the answer, as you well know, is, no, not really. So what divides us? What is the dividing line? And it’s really simple.

The people in charge are intent on replacing our free democratic system with an authoritarian system where they don’t convince you of anything. They simply make you do things and they benefit from that. There are people in this country who are opposed to that, they are anti-authoritarian. And if you look at who we book on this show, that may explain why we do it. You may have noticed we have a lot of former lefties on the show. Glenn Greenwald is the most obvious. Alex Berenson as well. And many others.

Now, we probably don’t agree with these people on a lot of things. Are we on the same side on abortion? We’ve never asked. But one thing we know for certain is that they are totally opposed to authoritarianism. So that really is the divide. People are for an authoritarian America and those who are for a free America. It’s that simple. And once you start to understand politics through that lens, you figure out what’s really going on.

By the way, looking at polls, is an unusually bad way to understand what’s happening in American politics? Polls are often wrong and when they are wrong, they’re almost always wrong in the same direction—the last presidential election made that very clear. The polling outfit Quinnipiac, for example, which is attached to some kind of college in Connecticut, predicted that Joe Biden would win the popular vote by 11 points. It also predicted that Mitch McConnell was in tough shape in Kentucky. Pollsters even convinced a lot of Democratic Party donors that they had a real shot of winning the state of Texas. In retrospect, it’s clear all of this was partisan fantasy and it had a purpose. It was all designed to make a mentally decaying senator from Delaware look like Teddy Roosevelt riding a massive wave of popular support. Of course, that was a lie.

So once you understand that once you recognize what these polls are actually designed to do. They’re designed to put Democratic Party leaders in the best possible light. It is worth noting when the polls move in the opposite direction. When they start to reflect badly on the Democratic Party. That’s been happening over the past several weeks. According again to Quinnipiac, a reliably Left-Wing pollster, Joe Biden’s national approval rating is now 38 percent. 60 percent of independents disapprove of what Joe Biden is doing as president. A new AP poll noted that just 34 percent of Americans are pleased with the direction of the country. That’s called the right track wrong track poll. And for the party in power, it is very bad news.

This means that the very same people who just last year lied to you to your face about how popular Joe Biden was are now admitting that he is actually the least popular president in modern political history. Why are they telling you this all of a sudden? Why are these reliably Democratic pollsters telling Democratic voters that their president is unpopular? Maybe because they have no choice. Maybe there are other reasons, we’re not sure. What is absolutely clear is that, according to a new poll from Pew, Democratic Party, voters understand what this means and what it means is in a free and fair democratic system, they can’t win.

If we allocate power based on who’s the most popular with the public and that’s the basic premise of democracy, the Democratic Party is in very tough shape and they know that. And that may be why, according to polls, Democrats now overwhelmingly want the government to make their political opponents shut up. More than three-quarters of Democratic Party voters want the tech companies to “restrict false information online, even if it limits freedom of information.” Think about that for a second. More than 60 percent of Democratic voters want the federal government to “control that flow of information over the internet.”

So all of that contravenes the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, which is the very core of our system of government and of our culture, it’s what makes America great. And now the overwhelming majority of Democratic voters are against it.

So that’s authoritarianism, there’s no other word for it. And it’s ironic considering for four years, prominent Democrats told us we were living through a fascist system. Donald Trump was a fascist. But of course, they were describing their own attitudes. So we’re going to look at the rise of authoritarian impulses on the left and try to figure out where those came from and where they’re going. Now, none of this is brand new. You’ll recall that Democratic Party politicians have been pushing for censorship for a long time, certainly since Trump won in 2016. They blame that victory on Facebook. Here’s Ed Markey in last October, for example, calling for more censorship.

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass: The issue is not that the companies before us today are taking too many posts down. The issue is that they’re leaving too many dangerous posts up. In fact, amplifying harmful content so that it spreads like wildfire and torches our democracy.

Oh, they’re not censoring enough because these posts, according to Ed Markey, who will literally say anything you should know, are, quote, dangerous. But Markey never explained what was dangerous about them. But you got the message – they all did. A few weeks after Markey said that Big Tech effectively removed the elected president of the United States from the internet, they silenced him completely and virtually nobody said anything about it. So it didn’t stop, it merely accelerated. Now, Democrats and their allies in the news media have decided to drop all pretense.

Jonathan Chait writes for New York Magazine. He’s considered smart on the left, one of the weirdest people practicing journalism today. He just published a deeply revealing piece in New York magazine. Here’s the headline from it and we’re quoting “Anybody fighting Joe Biden is helping Trump’s next coup. All Republican politics is now functionally authoritarian.” Right, because Republicans are calling for censorship. So that’s how the Democratic Party is responding to the collapsing poll numbers of their president. They’re accusing the other side of authoritarianism while practicing it themselves. Right.

So you’ll recall that Joe Biden voters destroyed statues and destroyed our country’s biggest cities for more than a year, and the police did nothing about it. And our media class applauded. And yet, because justice is no longer meted out equally if someone dares to dishonor the legacy of St. George Floyd, the New York Police Department Special Hate Crimes Division springs into action. Here’s an actual quote, by the way, from this week on October 3rd, 2021 at approximately 10:15 a.m. in Union Square Park, a person on a skateboard threw gray paint on the face and base of a statue of George Floyd. That’s the NYPD bulletin. Information, contact us!

So that’s not really hypocrisy anymore, it’s hierarchy. What they’re telling you is that crimes against their ideas are the only crimes that matter. Well, that attitude has no popular support in this country, so you can only enforce it by force using surveillance to root out people who’ve got the wrong ideas. And that’s exactly the basis on which the Biden administration is proceeding. That’s why the administration has now given itself the authority to monitor everything that happens, for example, in your private bank account.

CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin: An effort that I know you’re a proponent of for the IRS to collect more information and more tax dollars but more information about taxpayer bank accounts, including annual cash flows. I was curious whether you think the IRS has the wherewithal to actually do that.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: Well of course they do. // And a simple way for the IRS to get sense of where that might be is just a few pieces of information about individual’s bank accounts

Did you see that? The most interesting part of that exchange was not the Treasury secretary, she’s embraced authoritarianism full-blown. It’s the creepy little shill from CNBC. And the question is not does the IRS have the right to snoop into your bank account with no evidence you’ve done anything wrong? His question is, do they have the wherewithal, do they have the manpower? Can they actually pull it off? To what she says, of course, were the government—we can do anything.

So after January 6, this show reported that Bank of America “proactively” rooted through customers’ private financial information to find individuals who “met thresholds of interests.” They spied on their own customers and then, like the good East Germans, they are, they passed those names to the FBI without telling anybody involved. The Democratic Party approves of this, and they want to make certain this kind of invasion of privacy is permanent. It’s codified. And of course, they want to control your children to the center of your life. They’ll destroy anyone who tries to stand in the way of this.

Bradley Keyes, for example, was a track and field coach at Pembroke Academy. He was fired because he didn’t think it was good for his athletes to have to wear masks as they were playing tennis

Bradley Keyes, April 9: My goal is to get these mandates removed. And it’s not just track and field. It’s tennis. It is baseball. It’s every outdoor sport. Masks will be worn at all times: practices and competitions. Tennis, wonderful example. Singles tennis. You go watch practices, everyone is wearing masks. Competitions, they will be wearing masks, even though they’re 30 to 60 feet apart on the courts.

So we’re going to tell you, we’ve told you a thousand times before, none of this is science. There’s not a single study anywhere in the world that suggests kids benefit by wearing masks as they play sports outdoors. In fact, they are hurt by it. That’s both common sense and the scientific consensus on the question. But the fact is it’s happening anyway, and that’s the point. They don’t feel the need to justify their decisions with science, and in fact, they will punish actual scientists who object to these unnecessary medical mandates.

Aaron Kheriaty, for example, as a physician at the University of California, he’s the director of the medical ethics program at UC Irvine. Not a small job. He’s just announced the university has “Put me on leave for challenging their vaccine mandates in court.” Oh, so it’s not a question of whether vaccine mandates help or hurt or good for public health, it’s about power. And anyone who challenges it is crushed. The weak are hurt the most profoundly, as always.

Here’s the story we’ll be telling you a lot more about it in the coming weeks about a woman in Colorado who is facing death. She’s got stage five renal failure. She’s just been denied a kidney transplant. Now she has a donor, a willing donor, who has a kidney for her. Everything is ready to go. But according to the health system there, the woman and her donor have not taken the COVID shot. The donor explained that her vaccination status “does not affect any other patient on the transplant list… How can I sit here” the donor asked, “and allow them to murder my friend when I’ve got a perfectly good kidney and I can save her life?” That’s a great question. No one the Biden administration has bothered to answer or even think about it. Instead, they’re forcing anyone who raises these questions to be quiet. That’s not a democratic system. That’s an authoritarian system.

  • Geal says:

    I’m a nurse and I took the COVID vaccine to protect myself but this mandatory mandate by Biden to require frontliners especially doctors and nurses to take the vaccine or else they get fired or laid off is insanity. There is already a shortage of nurses for many many years and if you fire or lay off unvaccinated nurses, it will just hurt the whole healthcare system in the US. Nurses are NOT the COVID spreaders and know all about infection control like wearing masks, frequent hand washing after every patient care, isolation techniques etc.. If hospital lay off more nurses due to Biden mandate, we are hurting the covid and non-covid patients more who needs our care. Nurses will be forced to do overtime since there will be no available nurses on the next shift, overtime results in increased financial increase on the hospital budget, elective surgeries will be cancelled, will result in early nursing burnout, early retirement for some… Biden is foolish and stupid to think these mandatory vaccine mandate for frontliners will stop the spread of Covid but rather it will have more negative consequences in our healthcare system that’s already in a perilous state since the start of the pandemic. Please start calling your congressmen and senators to STOP this ridiculous madness by Biden.

  • Larry Ripley says:

    Well this is a good example of how you go to accusing the other party of doing what you’re doing. It’s amazing we have idiots that continue to lie their lies to the idiot masses in their party. I must confess after 3/4 of a century, I’ve never seen this many people go just stupid over the world’s most narcissistic latrine.,

    How go you people look at yourselves in the morning after spending the night before bowing, scraping and praising the worst authoritarian pig this country has ever seen and suffered from. Do any of you actually expect Don the DA, first letter is for dumb. You’re singing the praises of a man who has been caught red-handed, not red-faced, doing the personal quid quo pro with the Ukrainian President. He admitted he did it and didn’t do anything wrong.

    Unfortunately for us he has no wrong in his brain. If something does hit the fan because it was stupid or really wrong he simply throws a fit, chunks a few people under the bus. I realize most of you think that’s neat or cute to throw some poor government slob under the bus and cut them loose. In almost all cases they were doing something he directed them to do or something they thought he wanted done. He’s a vulture with no RESPECT for anyone except those who will lie, cheat and steal for him, not yourself but to help him help himself to the country.

    I can go on and on. His Russia connection, his heard is so far up Putin he’s breathing Moscow air. Supporters who believe he’s some kind of hero because he does unconventional things , but what he really is is stupid.. everyone who thinks they are so smart always do stupid things.

    The Republicans have been anything but freedom loving. They are all about making laws that treat people anything but fairly. All of Trump’s LGBTQ buds will be scurrying for cover if he gets back in. Kind of like his ecumenical pals finally had to quit trying to defend the things he does. If I’d been a member of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, I’d either be out of there or they’d be looking for a new Pastor. That slime ball they replaced their old Preacher with when he died makes me sick every time I see the slime ball.

    The idea that what has been used for a hundred years to try to prevent the passing of viruses has been put in place and whiny stupid people, Tucker boy, try to make it into some kind of dictated crime. I guess if we had bricks and other crap falling out of the sky and people were told to wear helmets and body armor, this group would be screaming that they weren’t going to be told what to do. God have mercy we’ll all be ordered to wear metal suits by government authorities.

  • Raymond Paltoo says:

    A voice crying in the wilderness. That is Tucker Carlson!

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Id say rerun Nazi Germany, China, Russia all in one minus Death camps.

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